Resale Policy


This policy is designed to protect Purity Global, our suppliers and our customers by ensuring the goods we produce are handled with due care and distributed to the correct market in the event of clearance.

Our brand and our customers’ brands are very important to us. We continue to invest heavily in strengthening and improving our brands further to enhance our reputation as a quality supplier to the retail sector with affordable high quality goods. We must remind all partners/associates of our policy with respect to how they must deal with obsolete/excess and faulty branded products.

Excess/ Obsolete Goods

In the unlikely event there is excess or obsolete branded products:

  • 1. It must be discussed with an authorised contact from Purity, it must be established why there is excess stock and then agreement can be made with a suitable plan to help clear it.
  • 2. If it is deemed the responsibility of Purity to clear the stock, we will look to clear it within 6 months unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  • 3. If it is deemed the responsibility of the Supplier to clear the stock and we cannot assist towards clearing the stock you will need to obtain written consent from Purity to sell those products to a third party. Unless expressly authorised by Purity, these products cannot be sold directly or indirectly in the UK and the terms of such sale restrict that third party from selling those products within the UK and require that party to include similar restrictions on subsequent purchasers.

Please note Purity’s consent of sales is subject to the conditions set out above and any sales of the products under our brand(s) within the European Economic Area will not have been with our consent unless agreed in writing.

Faulty Goods

In the rare event we become aware that any of the Purity Products are faulty (resulting in a recall of products from a customer or a rejection at the warehouse), not up to specification (including safety standards) or unfit for purpose, it is important that we agree with you on what the most appropriate way will be to deal with them. Where necessary, we reserve the right to destroy those products and recover the costs associated with doing that from the supplier together with any other costs that may be incurred including loss of profit or damages levied by our customers.

Clearance sales

In the event Purity has excess finished stock that needs clearing, We may sell this stock to a clearance customer. It is important that this company sells the branded products to the agreed territories, any breach of this policy and in particular but not limited to any sales directly or indirectly to any other competitor or other retailer within the European Economic Area such sales will be without our consent and we will take action to remove those Products from sale and to recover the costs associated with doing that together with any other associated costs from the clearance customer.