About Us

We are purity

Established in 2004 in the UK, Purity Global was formed by a group of experienced household and non-food retail experts who identified an opportunity in the market to develop great quality, low cost household products. Purity Global specialises in supplying laundry and dishwasher products to the UK major retail multiples, the discount and convenience sectors. Our head office, based in Hull, is run by a team who are passionate about reliability and bringing good quality, high value household products to the UK market and making them a success for our customers and consumers.

We are continuously developing our existing products to keep up with (and sometimes keep ahead of) market demands and trends. We also look to develop new laundry, cleaning and household products which can add value for our customers and consumers. By carefully designing our products and packaging we have been successful in bringing our household products to a growing number of major retailers in the UK.

At Purity Global we are committed to developing the best quality household products which we can reliably deliver at category beating value while trading responsibly and ethically at all times.

Having worked with some of the largest retailers in the UK, we pride ourselves on always being able to meet the highest standards and certifications in order to make the best possible products for our customers. Quality, reliability and innovation drive our philosophy which is underpinned by rigorous product testing and market analysis.